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Infused Gummies


Infused Gummies


CBD Infused Gummy Bear Nutrition
Infused Gummy Bears
Recommended Dosage Of CBD
CBD Dosage Guide For Distillate and Oil
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Flavor Profile For CBD Strains
CBD Taste And Effects Chart For Specific Strains


What Makes These Gummies Special?

  • These  Hemp CBD Distillate Gummies are made from the finest hemp derived decarboxylated and 2 x distilled distillate oil available. All of our oil is sustainability sourced and is considered 100% residual, chemical, adulterant and pesticide free. Each gummie boast a super high concentration of CBD Oil and promotes relaxation, tranquility and overall well being. The serving size for these gummies is 2-3 gummies per person. Be prepared to feel the soothing and relaxing effects of this Edible Collection!

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10 Pack, 25 Pack, 80 Pack

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