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Harlequin Strain CBD Hemp Flower | CBD Products Online for Sale

Harlequin Strain CBD Hemp Flower

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The Harlequin Strain is a sativa -dominant descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, Thai and Swiss Landrace strains. This trifecta makes Harlequin a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs who look to remain clear-headed and alert thru out the day. Harlequin’s high levels of CBD make this strain one of the most effective strains available for treatment of pain and anxiety. Harlequin’s terpene profile leaves a  earth like musk and sweet mango taste and smell in the air.



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What Is Harlequin?

*  Harlequin is a High CBD strain of hemp genetically modified to have low traces of THC, making it below the federal threshold of .3% THC level. This 100% Organic Raw Vegan Hemp product is 50 state legal making it safe to consume anywhere. Whether you’re burning it as an incense, brewing it in a tea, or using it as a ground spice, you’re guaranteed to feel the powerful calming and relaxing effects of our tasty Harlequin Strain.

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