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"GSC" Girl Scout Cookies All Natural Terpenes



“GSC” Girl Scout Cookies All Natural Terpenes


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What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the exotic  essential oils of a plant that give it it’s flavor and smell profile. This 100% organic mix of terpenes is extremely flavorful, aromatic, and true to form. These terps are guaranteed to leave you with a super enriched and enhanced final product, with just a few drops, transforming what you previously had into a flavorful oasis of terpy goodness. With these terpenes, you can completely transform whatever product you have into the flavor and taste of your choice.

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These all natural and organic Terpenes have a truly an amazing flavor profile that is guaranteed to elevate your vaping, dabbing,  and smoking experiences. These terpenes are extremely concentrated and powerful. Just a few drops goes a long way.. Drop a couple (2) drops onto your favorite buds or extract and experience the great taste Girl Scout Cookies has to offer.

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3 ML Bottle, 30 ML Bottle

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