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1,000MG Full Spectrum CBD Vape Additive | CBD Products Online for Sale

1,000MG Full Spectrum CBD Vape Additive

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Miami Rave CBD Vape Additives are 100% plant based, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free and laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency. Our CBD vape juice is made with 100% pure hemp derived CBD distillate and infused with all natural terpenes for added taste and effects. Choose our Miami Rave CBD vape oil and experience a full spectrum of CBD benefits!

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What Is CBD Distillate?

  • CBD Distillate  is a semi-translucent, 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled cannabinol (CBD) sap. Punch for punch, this  oil is worth more by weight than just about any other consumable CBD product on the market. This distillate vape additive oil ranks at a 10/10 on the potency and bio-availability scale, and can be used in an array of different products from vapes to edibles. Hemp oil distillates are arguably the future of hemp oils and concentrates.

What Makes This Vape Additives Special?

  • This CBD Vape Additive is made from the finest hemp derived decarboxylated and 2 x distilled distillate oil available. The oil used in this mix is sustainability sourced and is considered 100% contaminant, adulterant and pesticide free. Each 30 ML bottle  is boasts all natural and organic terpenes specific to the strain of your choice.  This additive is ideal for big box mods and vapes that allow you to fill your own pods and cartridges. Blow hella clouds with this CBD Vape Oil Additive.

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