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Hemp V.S. Marijuana : Whats The Differences?
What is the difference between CBD and THC? Does CBD Get You High?

Hemp V.S. Marijuana : Whats The Differences?

CBD And THC Difference
CBD Infused Products
  Hemp Marijuana
THC Concentration Low (Less than 0.3% THC by law) High (More than 0.3%  THC by law; normally 5% to 30% THC)
CBD Concentration High Low
Psychoactive No Yes
Female Plant Role Produce seeds or flowers Produce seeds and flowers, but seeds not desired except for reproduction
Male Plant Role Strong fibers, pollinate plant for seeds. Removal desired when growing for CBD. Will pollinate female. Removal necessary.
Growing Strategy Outdoor row crop or greenhouse. Normally seeded, but cloning possible for CBD Normally indoor or greenhouse. Commonly cloned.
Products CBD extracts, health foods, cosmetics, composites, building materials, plastics, industrial oils, paper, textiles Leafy material, THC extract, CBD extract, other finished marijuana products (candy, drinks, etc)
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